Room 14

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Whale Sanctuary

Do you think a whale sanctuary in the southern ocean is a good idea? Justify your opinions with evidence.

Poetry Fun

Lots of people think writing poetry is hard. It isn't. Try this and see for yourself! Choose a word from any of the following: ghost, rattle, goat, dad, planet, jelly, eagle, sherbet, trumpet, nest, spy, house, cowboy.

Now write down everything you can think of about your word. For example, if you had chosen sherbet, you might write:


It's fizzy
It crackles
It tastes of lemon
It bounces in my mouth
I can buy it at a sweet shop
It makes my tongue tingle
I can dip my fingertip in it

You could just write down your sentences, and leave it like that, and you would already have a poem. But there are some clever tools which poets use to make their poems really come alive. Two of these tools are simile (say it like this 'sim-i-liy') and metaphor.

What is a simile?
What is a metaphor?
How could we use these tools to make our poems more exciting?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Should Japan be allowed to start whaling again? If so why....

One day to go!

Hey Room 14 students. I am very excited to get our class blog up and running. It is a learning curve for me as well. I hope to gain confidence and develop my skills very quickly!

Only one day to go before you are all joined on to the site. Remember to be very sensible on the internet.